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Intuos Pro Grip Pen

Part number: KP-501E-01DB
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Compatible with: 

Previous generation Intuos Pro (PTH451, PTH651, PTH851), Intuos5 (all models), Intuos4 (all models), Cintiq 21UX (DTK2100), Cintiq 24HD, Cintiq 24HD touch, Cintiq 22HD, Cintiq 22HD touch,Cintiq 13HD, Cintiq Companion, and Cintiq Companion Hybrid.

The Wacom Grip Pen features a contoured grip pad that reduces gripping effort by up to 40%, to alleviate stress and wrist fatigue. Built for extensive use, its optimum weight, balance, and tilt sensitivity make it the most natural feeling freehand tool available. This cordless, battery-free grip pen comes equipped with two customizable side-switches, a pressure sensitive eraser, and an assortment of nibs (three stroke nibs, and three standard nibs). This Grip Pen is a must have for all digital professionals

Intuos Pro Grip Pen